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Introducing our New Dreamy Filter Card

Introducing our New Dreamy Filter Card

We love rolling out new products that challenge what we offer to our customers and fans! One of our favorite products we feature are our filter cards and we've gotta say, you all love them too! We love coming up with new ideas for our filter cards and with this new addition to the filter family, we think you'll love the dreamy aesthetic we've come up with! 

Introducing to you our Dreamscape filter card, full of gorgeous hues of purple, pink, and blue! Whether you're a Taylor Swift fan, or you love the look of a lavender sunset, this filter provides 4 beautiful filters that give you that dreamy aesthetic you've been waiting for! You can purchase this card on our site for $15. Early on in the process, we had a misprint and the title on the card came out to be 'Dynamic', so while we call it Dreamscape, you'll find it under both names! Here are our favorite photo examples of the Dreamscape filter card.