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The iPhone vs. The Paper Shoot Camera

The iPhone vs. The Paper Shoot Camera - Paper Shoot Camera


One of the most popular questions we get asked is why use the Paper Shoot Camera over your phone. The first thing we tell people is that we aren't in competition with the iPhone. We know how efficient and versatile it is! We love our iPhones and we aren't trying to compete with it. What we do want to do is offer an alternative picture-taking experience, one where you get off your phone and live more in the moment.

The Paper Shoot Camera was originally designed to be used by lower-income families who didn't have electricity to charge their devices. The Paper Shoot Camera runs on rechargeable batteries which allows individuals struggling to get high-tech items in their homes a chance to capture their own memories with family and friends. Since then, the Paper Shoot Camera has grown to give many people a fun alternative to taking beautiful pictures without their iPhone's in their hand, and whether that's in their own backyards or on a faraway trip, the Paper Shoot is there to capture it all.

iPhones are lightweight and fit inside just about any pocket. They're also easy to use and allow you to capture photos with just a click of a button. The Paper Shoot Camera is no different! it's incredibly lightweight and easy to use with just one shutter button on the front to capture photos. The only thing you might be missing is a screen to see what you just took. But we think waiting until you get home to re-live your trip while you go through all the photos you took adds an exciting element to the end of your day!


The iPhone is amazing at taking photos and with all the filter apps, you can achieve whatever look you're going for in a few clicks. But for those wanting to put their phones away after working on them all day, the Paper Shoot Camera is there to allow you to still capture photos while keeping your phone away and notifications off. There are 4 built-in photo filters that give you very unique film-looking photos without the need to put your photos through a filter app. All you need to do is choose your desired filter on the back and press the shutter button on the front.  Plus it's pretty fun not knowing what your photos look like! We're going analog again and adding a little mystery back into your photos. Plus, if you're worried about losing iPhone storage or battery, the Paper Shoot Camera comes in handy when trying to save your phone from taking a snooze.

All in all, we love alternatives! We go to the movies when we can easily stream on our phones. We listen to vinyl instead of hopping on our Spotify app and listening to our music. Why shouldn't there be an alternative to taking beautiful film-looking photos without our phones around? There's room for everyone and we're happy to give people who love taking beautiful photos a chance to do with a compact, lightweight, and aesthetic little digital camera!