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Paper Shoot Camera Sets Sail on Virgin Voyages

Paper Shoot Camera Sets Sail on Virgin Voyages - Paper Shoot Camera

In 2022, we got the very rare and unique opportunity to accompany one of the most successful and trend-setting entrepreneurs on a birthday cruise with lots of celebrities, family members, and tons of industry friends. We’re talking about Richard Branson and on his 72nd birthday, which he’ll market as his 70th since he lost a couple of years due to Covid-19, the Virgin Voyages owner was surprised with a 5-day cruise on his own ship by family and friends where everyone came dressed as Richard himself, just to add to the merriment.

The cruise set sail from Miami and visited Cozumel and the Bahamans before returning several days later to Florida’s coast. Everyone from his musician son to Spanx owner, Sarah Blakely, and actress Nicolette van Dam joined in on the fun where all the guests enjoyed 5 days of drinking, dancing, dressing like Branson through the decades of his life, and taking small excursions like hiking, cave exploring, and swimming in the sea.

Paper Shoot Camera got the incredible opportunity to be the ‘It’ camera on board. Hundreds of cameras were ordered with a custom design on the front and back. On the ship, there were also printing stations available for guests to print hard copies of their favorite photos and at the end of the 5 days, everyone got to keep their own camera! Other cameras were given away in PR packages and gift sets to individuals not able to attend the birthday bash of the British billionaire. 

Virgin Voyages was conceived by Branson in 2020 and set sail with its first-ever ship, Scarlet Lady that year in April. This cruise line is adults-only and offers an experience like no other when it comes to cruising. You won’t find any massive dining halls, Broadway shows, or even plastic water bottles for that sake.

Everything is designed with clean technology and caters to the millennium with nightly music festival-like entertainment and DJ sets, a beach club that rivals some of the best spots even in Europe, an athletic club to bring you back to life after partying all night, and the only tattoo parlor you’ll find on the high seas. You don’t want to miss an experience like this!