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Why the Paper Shoot Camera Makes Such a Great Gift for Your Child

Why the Paper Shoot Camera Makes Such a Great Gift for Your Child - Paper Shoot Camera

 At Paper Shoot headquarters, we love to say our camera is for everyone, and we mean it! Not only do we appeal to all-level photographers and nostalgia fiends, but we also inspire jetsetters, families, and even kids of all ages to capture their favorite moments and memories. The Paper Shoot Camera is the perfect gift to give to your child this holiday season. It’s durable, takes unlimited pictures, and is very easy to use and enjoy. Here are a few other reasons why you won’t regret purchasing a Paper Shoot Camera for your child.



We Use Eco-Friendly and Durable Stone Paper Cases – Our stone paper cases that wrap the camera board are created with water and weather-resistant materials and are created to last for many years. They are extremely durable and after being thrown around by our team and a few little ones as a test, we can guarantee, your camera will last through all the adventures your child takes it on. Since it’s also water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about water or juice damaging your camera or a rainstorm if it’s taken outside.

We Understand the Importance of Reducing Screen Time – We get it, no matter how many times you try and get your little one to read or play with a toy, they’ll usually reach for the remote or iPad, at least a few of ours do. The Paper Shoot Camera peaks kids’ interests and creates a space where they can get off the screens and become more creative by capturing their surroundings and showing off what pictures they’ve taken. The best part is that the camera not only lets them use 4 different filters to change the look of the photos, but your child will also get the ability to take videos and time-lapses, making capturing their day that much more enjoyable.

We Create Our Camera with Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials – Our manufacturing process is quite simple, and we pride ourselves on creating a process that doesn’t use harsh chemicals and dyes to make the cameras we sell. So, you can sleep tight knowing your child is playing with a product made with love for our environment and health.

We Help to Avoid One and Done Products – As a parent, you know the importance of buying reusable products that your child will use and enjoy more than once. The Paper Shoot Camera is unlimited. For as long as your child has energy and attention, they can be shooting pictures and videos for as long as they want. The SD card can hold over 1,000 photos before it needs to be emptied and inserted back into the camera, which means lots of shooting time and tons of photos to see!

Create a Bonding Experience with Your Child – The Paper Shoot Camera is more than just something to take pictures with, it helps your child develop independent skills and interests in hobbies and creativity. It’s the perfect way to see how they’ve enjoyed their day from their own perspective while browsing through all the photos they were proud to take.