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Why People Love the Paper Shoot Camera

Why People Love the Paper Shoot Camera - Paper Shoot Camera

If you’re new here and wondering why everyone’s obsessed with our little camera, we’re here to tell you why. Since we started our company, we’ve worked hard to find ways to connect with our community while improving our camera from the inside out. Our founder George is passionate about creating a company and product that strives to find ways to combine our eco-friendly mission with a camera that’s easy to use and easy to love. The Paper Shoot Camera has come a long way, and we’re nowhere near the end. Here are just a few reasons why people are loving the Paper Shoot.

1. Our Digital Cameras are Showstoppers – No one can deny that! At first glance, the camera doesn’t even look real, at least that’s what we’ve heard from our followers online. We always tell our customers, if you don’t love compliments, don’t buy the camera because that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you go out with the Paper Shoot Camera in hand. We know it’s cute and aesthetic, that was 100% intentional!

2. They are Easy and Efficient to Use – We appreciate DSLR and film cameras as much as the next person but sometimes you just want to take a quick photo without figuring out the settings beforehand. With the Paper Shoot, all you do is choose your filter on the back and press the shutter button on the front. If you’re taking videos and time-lapse videos, there’s an extra step in there but for the kids and grandparents using the cameras, we’ve made it easy and efficient!

3. It’s Eco-Friendly and Made from Recycled Materials – This is probably our favorite part about the camera. We use as many recycled materials as we can to create the body of the camera. The cases are made from stone milled limestone and HD polyethylene and they biodegrade after a year of constant exposure to the elements. We create lenses out of recycled Apple products and our shoulder bag is made from vegan leather. Unlike disposables, which are trending for the sheer fact that the vintage aesthetic is also trending, once you’ve taken your pictures, there’s no need to throw out the camera. Everything is reusable, from the cases and lenses to the SD card and rechargeable batteries, it’s a one-time purchase. We work hard to ensure that all components of the camera are created with an eco-conscious mind.

4. The Vintage Aesthetic Photos are so Beautiful – We know what’s trending right now, and that’s the vintage and retro aesthetic. Our 4 filters give off a different vintage filter with each photo and video you take. If you’re looking to reminisce on old times or you're someone who's obsessed with the look of vintage pictures, the Paper Shoot Camera has got you covered. The fun doesn’t stop there, you’ll also be able to videos and time-lapse videos!

5. You’ll Get to Take Unlimited Pictures and Videos – As we mentioned before, once you take your photos, you don’t throw out your camera. In fact, the SD card inside the camera can hold hundreds of photos before needing to be emptied and put back in. If you think about it, it’s really unlimited, as long as you empty the SD card, you can use it over and over again.

6. You’re Supporting a Small Business – Now more than ever, we are seeing a shift in consumerism where people are looking for small businesses to support, and with just a handful of individuals working hard to create a product you all will love, we sure do love and appreciate all the support we’ve been given through the years. From the marketing team and content creators to our small team of manufacturing partners in Taiwan, we’ve built up a family feel throughout our company and we’re in constant communication with each other about how we can all grow together.