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Unwrap the Small Gift That Gives Big!

Unwrap the Small Gift That Gives Big! - Paper Shoot Camera

A lot of people confuse the Paper Shoot Camera for a disposable mini cam and we need to debunk a few of these rumors, especially since the holiday season is here and we're all looking for unique and quality gifts that give more than they seem. Here are just a few debunked myths and why the Paper Shoot gives BIG!

The Paper Shoot Camera is an eco-friendly piece of technology! It's created to be used over and over again with recycled and repurposed materials. We decided to create it with rechargeable batteries and a slot for an SD card so you can access your photos at any moment. The cases are incredibly durable because of the stone paper that's used to make them. Stone paper isn't even paper, in fact, it's crushed rock and it's also water-resistant so you can reuse it over and over again. 

Another way the Paper Shoot gives BIG is the photos it takes! We've created our cameras with a few filters you could choose from so you could dictate the mood of your photo. There's color, black & white, sepia, and blue/cool. We love giving a little variety to our customers and the pictures in some instances turn out even better than iPhones, yes I said it. Our cameras also take video and time-lapse videos too! What disposable can do that?

If we stop there, it's clear to see how the smallest gift can give big! It's reusable, incredibly aesthetic, doesn't require any extra purchases like developing and film costs, and it's super slim and very easy to use. But we're not stopping there. 

Accessories! Yes, we have many and they really add something to your experience. Our ring lights are screw on and make taking photographs in low-light settings so much better. Our filter card bundle gives you 16 brand new and vibrant filters to add to your repertoire. We also have neck chains, function cards, SD card readers, a hand crank, and essentials like USB-C cables, SD cards, and batteries! 

We keep the camera easy to use and for every age which is why we love adding new accessories whenever we can. Our accessories make it easy to get creative with your photos, how you take them, and how they turn out!

The Paper Shoot Camera is a top gift for anyone looking to level up their gift-giving this year and it's no wonder why!