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The Perfect First/Paper Anniversary Gift Idea

The Perfect First/Paper Anniversary Gift Idea - Paper Shoot Camera

Congratulations on your first anniversary! What a huge milestone. If your first anniversary with a loved one isn't even coming up, and you're single, but preemptively planning a life with your future partner that you don't have yet, no shame. We've all been there.

Did you know that first anniversaries are considered "Paper Anniversaries" and that it's customary to give your partner a gift made out of paper for the occasion? Ick, right? What are you supposed to give them? A card?

What about a Paper Shoot Camera? They're a perfect, high-quality, and actually-cool gift that your partner will actually want. Long gone are the days of pretending to like the customized character book you got them, the personalized "where we met" map, or a booklet of paper "hug" coupons (even though that's pretty adorable). The Paper Shoot is the best way to stay on theme and give a great gift!

Our cases are made out of stone paper - a highly durable, biodegradable material made out of pressed limestone. It still counts as paper, but it's a great gift that your partner is sure to love! 

The cameras take photos just like film or disposables, but they're completely digital, which means no hassle, no printing or developing costs, plus they're much gentler on our earth. They take video, time-lapse, have four filters, and you can swap out the cases! Could you give a more romantic gift than one you and your partner can continually capture your memories together on? 

We have a ton of different styles sure to match your partner's aesthetic, but if you're looking for a customizable case, you can grab a couple of our blank DIY cases  for a paint night!

We may be a bit biased, but we can't think of a better Paper Anniversary Gift for your partner!