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The Must-Have Accessory for Any Event - Valentines Edition

The Must-Have Accessory for Any Event - Valentines Edition

We've always talked about the Paper Shoot being a lifestyle camera, a camera for every day, big events and small moments in between, and Valentine's Day was the perfect way to show that off!

We make a lot of content about the Paper Shoot being the perfect mini digital camera to take with you on trips across the globe, to festivals with friends, or to weddings, whether your the guest, or the bride and groom. But it's also one of the only cameras that make it easy to capture memories made throughout your day, whether big or small, like get-togethers, lunches, or walks in the park. Just as we take our phone out to capture the little things in life, we love the idea that your Paper Shoot could be that camera for you! 

I recently took my camera to a Galentine's Day event because I knew it was gonna be something I'd like to remember and boy was it! My camera was a hit first of all, someone at the party I had never met before recognized my camera and went off on how much they loved it! I met so many wonderful women and had chats that connected us instantly. We ate pizza, made our own cookies, and sat on the floor to do some fun crafting. it was one for the books and I captured it all on my Paper Shoot Camera. 

Because the Paper Shoot is so small, lightweight, really durable, and requires no heavy equipment to use, it was easy to bring along with me and of course I had to match the case with the aesthetic of the night! It was a beautiful little gathering and here are some of my favorite photos taken on my camera!