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Interpreting LED Alerts on Your Paper Shoot

Interpreting LED Alerts on Your Paper Shoot

On thing we've always been proud of when it came to our cameras was the way it communicated with users, whether about errors or if everything was smooth sailing! The LED lights on your camera are really important when it comes down to your camera communicating with you if you're having trouble taking pictures or assembling the parts correctly.The good news here is that there are ways to figure out what's wrong and easy fixes so that you can be on your way to capturing more memories!

On the back of the camera, you'll notice 2 holes on the top right by the gold screw. On some of the newer cases there might be a lightning bolt and an SD card symbol, and on others it might just be the 2 small circles. Either way this area is your main focus.

After you've hit the shutter button to take a photo, if both of the lights are flashing blue - it means you've taken your photo! There's nothing to worry about and everything is working properly!

When the left LED light is flashing after you hit the shutter button (you're also going to hear an error sound) it either means your SD card is full and needs to be emptied, your SD card is not formatted correctly, or that it's not assembled properly (which happened to me the first time I got my camera). 

You can empty your SD card out on either a hard drive or your computer. Although I've had my SD card for over a year and still haven't filled it up. If it's a formatting issue, try formatting your SD card to ExFat! And if we're looking at an assembling problem, make sure the mini SD chip sits INSIDE the SD card before putting the SD card into the camera. 

If the right LED light is flashing, it means you need to charge your camera and you can do that by using the USB cable that came with your order! If you want your camera to be ready right away, a good 20/30 minutes is all you need for a nice charge and if you have some spare time, a couple hours will have your camera back to 100%!

I really hope this helps if you're stuck and looking for answers to what those LED lights are saying to you. If you have any questions, you can always message us on social media or email us at