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DIY Photography: How You Can Customize Your Camera for a Personalized Touch

DIY Photography: How You Can Customize Your Camera for a Personalized Touch - Paper Shoot Camera

Something we constantly rave about when we talk about our cameras is how customizable they are! Not only are the cases interchangeable (and we have many on the website to shop for) they all come in different designs and aesthetics to better suit your personalized style. We also have filters built into the camera for you to change the mood of your photo but not only that, we also offer filter cards that cater to and enhance the colors that are already in your photos!

For example, our Icy Chill filter card is perfect if you're wanting to bring out the blues in your photos.

The Wes Anderson Teal & Orange card is perfect if you're more into warm photography and want to bring out the natural greens and browns in a photo.

My favorite of course, is the Monochrome Elegance filter card, that have 4 black and white filters built in; all varying in shades to bring a really gorgeous elegant and moody feel to your photos. 

You can also customize your camera by using different accessories depending on what you're wanting to do with your camera. We have function cards that turn your photos into polaroid or double exposure photography. We have black and gold neck chains to elevate the look of your camera while keeping it pretty secure to your body. We also have different lenses like our Macro lens, our Fisheye lens, and Wide lens (among many others) to change the look and feel of your photos!

The Paper Shoot Camera is the most customizable camera on the market. It fits your needs, aesthetic, style, and your level of photography skills! Shop cases, accessories, and cameras today!