It’s time! Time to think about a Mothers Day gift. Of course you want to give something different than last year. Wouldn’t it even be better if your gift is more interesting than the predictable perfume or spa treatment? One of the great things about shopping locally is having unique and original options to choose from. It’s also great for the community you live in. In the UK, 63p of every £1 spent at a small business stays in the local economy, compared to only 40p for large businesses. We may all be familiar with the big-box brands, but in fact, 89% of companies in the US have less than 20 employees. In Canada, 69% of all employees work for small businesses. Supporting small businesses for Mothers Day gifts this year not only benefits your local economy - it also provides you a more interesting selection to choose from!

Remember that Mothers Day is not just for your own mother. There are also step-mothers, grandmothers, wives, partners, sisters, aunts, nieces, and daughters. Mothers Day is an opportunity to show the special women in your life that you value all their love, care, and sacrifice. Supporting small businesses for Mothers Day gifts this year is made easy for you with this list. Read on for options which supports local and lets you give something special and meaningful.

#7 Bringing Pictures to Life

A framed photo in so (yawn) old-school. Make your Mothers Day gift stand out this year with Moving Moments. This woman-owned business based in Texas, USA creates a very special gift that lets an image come to life with video. You select your photo, video, and a beautiful frame so it’s ready wall-ready to be admired.

#6 Name That Jewellry

If your Mothers Day gift list includes a woman who has always wanted her name on a necklace like Carrie Bradshaw, then check out EvryJewels. Every item is designed by a dynamic duo of young entrepreneurs. Get a name on a necklace, a signet ring, or select from other unique creations.

#5 Personalized and Quirky

Looking for something really fun this Mothers Day? Check out PrezzyBox for ideas like a personalized G&T balloon glass, or pillows printed with the happy faces of children or grandchildren! Based in the Midlands, this UK company has a range of personalized and quirky gifts which are fun and practical.


Supporting Small Businesses for Mothers Day Gifts


#4 Send Love all Year

It makes sense that the origins of this start up is Paris, the City of Love! Love Box is a unique method to send little notes, drawings, and messages all year long. They have personalized options for grandparents, parents, and a special SuperMama pack which comes with a beautiful bracelet.

#3 Customizable Books

Give a book that personalizes the story of your family with Hooray Heroes. This UK-based company offers a very inclusive experience. Not only can you select the names to be used in the story, there are also dozens of options available for skin tone, eye colour, and hairstyle.

#2 Digital Photo Frame

Why select one photo to share as a gift when you have so many loaded on your Paper Shoot camera to choose from? Skylight Frame was created by a group of Harvard students who wanted to share images of their life with faraway family and friends. This beautiful frame displays the latest photos of growing children by simply emailing the images. 

Supporting Small Businesses for Mothers Day Gifts

#1 Paper Shoot Camera

Yes! Paper Shoot is not just eco-friendly and customizable, it’s also a small business run with passion by its founder, George, and our savvy Canadian girl boss, Gillian! A Paper Shoot camera is water-resistant, highly durable, and interchangeable. It’s the perfect travel buddy and everyday lifestyle camera for people who love the simplicity of a disposable camera but don’t want to deal with the time and cost of developing film.

Everyone wins by supporting small businesses for Mothers Day gifts. We hope you enjoy browsing through these 6 companies to select unique gifts your loved ones will treasure forever. Happy shopping!

Written by Rebecca Page-Chapman

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